Welcome to Evan’s Aviation Products!

Building fuel tanks for RV-4,6,7,8, and 9 can be one of the most challenging parts in building your Vans RV. Throughout the years I’ve learned the intricacies of these tanks and can help you progress without the aggravation.

RV-4 Fuel Tanks

$850. per set, pre-punched

$875. per set, non-punched

Aerobatic modification $25.

RV-6 Fuel Tanks

$925. per set, pre-punched

$950. per set, non-punched

Aerobatic modification $25.

RV-7, 8, 9 Fuel Tanks

$975. per set, pre-punched

Non pre-punched N/A

Aerobatic modification $25.

Parts are dealt with in two ways: 

1.) You supply all parts from your kit
(We recommend printing out the Parts List supplied below (PDFs) to use as a checklist
when supplying your own parts.)

2.) We obtain from Vans and charge you our cost
We charge $25. per set to cover pro seal

With prior arrangement, we can supply tank skins that are 1/4″ oversized at the trailline edge and can be
trimmed to fit your construction Skins from kits already shipped will be standard size. This will help insure a
proper fit if you have already skinned your wings.

All tanks will be drilled and set up for Stewart Warner sending units unless otherwise arranged in advance.
Capacitance sending units can be installed at an extra $25. labor, plus parts.

Aerobatic modifications can be made if specified in advance. (i.e., internal flop tubes, guides, rear baffle
mounted sending position, etc.) $25. labor, plus parts.

If your wing kit has not been shipped from Vans the tank kit can be shipped directly to us, saving time and cost.

Please call (530) 247-0375 or e-mail evmeg@snowcrest.net for additional information

Crating, shipping and insurance for an RV is $45. within the Continental US (Sent via UPS),
plus actual UPS ship costs.

When shipping parts directly to us, please following the instructions below:

1.) Put skins together

2.) Squeeze until trailing edges meet

3.) Tape or use string to tie the two skins together

4.) Wrap rear baffles with newspaper, place inside skins

5.) Wrap other parts, pack where you can around skins

6.) Fill remaining space with “peanuts”, newspaper or equivalent

7.) Put on cover, fasten with sheetrock screws (they are easier to take out, but hold very well)

8.) The following sizes will ship UPS